Brainwaves Event Production

Event as a place for relations, as a space to communicate. Event as a medium.

There is a fundamental event in the life of everyone. History, identity and values go beyond the fact. Metacommunication. Let’s start from there…

Brainwaves is an event farm designing communication containers. Unconventional paths and perimeters for the brand and the product that overturn the point of view, from audience to actor, to hook it to the synthesis and the plot.

Augmented visual identities intercepting technologies and new languages, defining a scenographic structure and activate the communication mantra.



Our services and our productions


Only creativity and a strong common idea. This is our vision of planning an event and in the same way we imagine CONVENTIONS, ROADSHOWS, COMPANY DAYS and EXHIBITIONS.

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STREET events, GUERRILLA, VIRAL and UNCONVENTIONAL activities. To match the public we have to move outside, face to face with the customer. The tipping point exists also in outdoor communications. They are not only a media mix but a media domino.

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TEAM BUILDINGS, GALAS and CELEBRATIONS. Events where we share emotions and experiences. We believe in curiosity.

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VIDEO and NEW MEDIA production, as video MAPPING, multiwide SCREEN WALLS3D PRODUTION or GRAPHIC ANIMATION, are nothing without control. A new media mixThe power of images.

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To sketch and draw. To write. To tell. ART&COPYThe world’s oldest jobs. After all, we are a COMMUNICATION AGENCY. We offer COMMUNICATION PLATFORMS.

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Today’s IN STORE activities or OUTDOOR mass market promotions are like popular TV shows. An unique catching proposition. 

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We are committed in a sustainble communication able to talk about products and to scream against contradditions. Sustainable communication uses recycled paper and fresh ideas and is capable of saving energy but not words against racism.

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